Monday, June 15, 2009

stay in TBUN again

now is 12:24am,i stay in TBUN try to take a deep breath here.having my own space now...actully im also enjoy need talk with ppl,no need care ppl feeling,coz im alone now.but im not loney...

just now,im try to finish my buzness assigment,but ,my eye almost close liao,hehe....everytime i open the niaga text book,im also feel sleeply..kekeke .XD...

ya,my family ask me move back to my own home,coz they are plan buy a car for i no need stay in wangsa maju fact,i hv face some problem with some of my housemate,i had try to solve it,but they din.they hurt me so so DEEP.jus few of them.however,it alredy past,i wont let it contro my life,just let it past.i will recover soon.

some time,i just need my own space a while,no ppl will distrub me.of course i love hang out with more ppl,will feel joyful then alone.
take a breath feeling happy now.
guys,no need worry me,im so lucky that i still have u all.

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