Saturday, June 6, 2009


i think i never write things about my housemate in my own blog.hehe..since i alredy posy their photo here,so ,just try to write someting.the place that i live call Wangsa Maju,it is so so .not too bad.the thing i din like is i need to walk around 10 minut to bus stop to get my collge bus.waste my far,i hv live well in here.just some time will happen some unhappy .oh ya,i forget to intro one of my ex-housemate.he is call Jason.he help me a lot,always take care evryone in ,he was gone to england for futher study.Good luck to always bless to u .hope can see u again.=)even u never view my blog...hehehe
all right,another thing is ,my housemate are become love to seems like very fun and fresh to them.i remember that i first time follow them go clubbing,i m get drunk untill vomit like hell.hehe...what a crazy day i have that day...but after that,it make me hv a bad memory on clubbing.for me,clubbing is no fun at all,and untill now,if i try drink the alkohor,i will vomit again and again.Yuck.....i hate it!!!!well,thiz it my first time..hehehe....after that ,i hv follow them second time,hohoho....i know im not a good student,cant take it as a is me.but thiz time ,i din drink any alkohor ooo.....even one glsaa also no.hehe...then what i had drink wholed nite???i drink ok,coz they mix the chivas with coke.then better i choice coke.yeah...i love coke more any drink in the club.
it is fun nite,coz i din get drunk!XD....but my housemate almost drunk i hv to take care them.u know,guy after get drunk,it will become like a baby....swt....wan it wan very "chao"hahaha....but,in the end ,we hv a fun nite.they hv plan go to next week,should i follow???hehehe...i know u all will say"CANT"...YA,i know de.hehe...see how first ,since i get sick now...T.T...the virus from one of my housemate,who is call fact,is me go to kacao him first ,coz he get know i also kena liao....haiz...suan la....fate ar...hehe....all right,i think thiz my most long englis post in there.just for fun.

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