Tuesday, March 10, 2009

some wordS here...

This is a first time i write my blog in schl.
just simple words here....
today is raning day,but everything is gonna be ok.
ya,i won a compitition with my group.hahaha..my PA group member ,thanks u all.
im so glad to hv u all as my group memeber.
even the we din do well yesterday,make me so down,coz i afraid i will let us fail.
or ,u all will think i not a good learder at all???
but finaly ,we done a good Job.haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...............
another thing again,i hv sent my phone to repair,coz it hv some thing wrong,
so anything pls sent me a sms,i will reply u as fast as i can.
im gona go to attend my BM class later,it start at 3pm.hehehe.....
so,im stop here la.

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