Tuesday, July 21, 2009

no more emo.

well,i skip my niaga class again,and lepak in citc..and i doing a reseach in there too.try to find some information about "pengkorporatan IPT "ermm...this is not so easy,and very boring too.coz i search untill blur liao.untill now ,i only know that kind of thing was started in 1998 years.haiz.....

all right,since my junior ask me write my blog in english version,so ,im try it lo.my broken english,hope ur guys will get understand what im writing lo.if not,just press the "X" in ur webpage.i dont care how many ppl will read out my post.
recenty,feel down again...again and again....WTF..i hate this feeling.it make me cant breath well.haiz...so what im gonna to do?just keep calling friend go out accompany me in night.then untill 1 or 2 am.im doing a suck thing.exam is coming soo,i still lepak in outside.actully i should study hard in home.but,emo make me feel wan die liao.haiz.......but now,after 2 weeks liao,im feeling better liao.no more emo ,no down ,no blue.thanks my friend,thanks my cute JR.

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